Mission Statement

The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting an integrative approach to sexual health research, education and intervention that addresses the full spectrum, from problematic attitudes and behaviors to the pursuit of fulfillment, freedom and pleasure.

SASH envisions a world where we can have an open, informed and inclusive conversation about sexual health without fear of stigma or shame.

SASH Goals

  • Promote professional and public access to information and resources about sexual health and struggles.
  • Offer professional credentialing in the clinical areas of sexual wellness, problematic sexual behavior, sexual and relationship trauma, and sexual offending.
  • Encourage and disseminate research in the field of sexual health and problematic sexual behavior.
  • Facilitate healthy communication and collaboration among sexual health clinicians and organizations with divergent perspectives.
  • Provide educational opportunities through publications, conferences, and other media.
  • Reduce stigmatization regarding sexuality.

Vision of Sexual Health

Sexual health is a label commonly used to describe a state of wellbeing in relation to sexuality across the lifespan. It is often considered to have biological, psychological, sociological, and spiritual dimensions, and is more than merely the absence of a sexual disease or dysfunction. Sexual health involves managing the benefits, risks, and responsibilities of sexual exploration and play, love and intimacy, pleasure and joy, as well as meaning making and spiritual transcendence.
Sexual health promotes the well-being of individuals and relationships and prevents undue adverse consequences to self and others. This means that sexual health involves a balance between sexual rights and sexual responsibilities. Sexually healthy individuals integrate sexuality in a manner that contributes to the well-being of their lives, while avoiding or reducing harmful consequences for themselves and others.
Sexual health is supported by open, honest, and direct communication about sexuality throughout the lifespan. Sexuality itself includes thoughts, fantasies, desires, attitudes, values, behaviors, roles, and relationships. Therefore, a very important way to improve sexual health is to improve sexual communication.
Finally, communities and even nations can be considered sexually healthy only to the extent that they provide support and resources to educate, support and protect the sexual health of their members. SASH is proud to contribute to the advancement of this important aspect of sexual health.

A Member's Perspective

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