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12-Step Based Groups:

There are a number of 12-Step groups that offer support for those overcoming problematic sexual behaviors. Many people find 12-step support to be, similar to that of Alcoholic Anonymous, a critical part of recovery.  Each type of 12-step meeting has a different definition of “sexual sobriety,” and therefore you are encouraged to contact a SASH member near you to discuss which group might best meet your needs.  Find a SASH member here: SASH MEMBER DIRECTORY  Please also note that there are 12-step groups that support partners and loved ones of those who struggle with problematic sexual behaviors.

You can find a list of sexuality-focused 12-Step recovery groups on any web page that lists 12-Step groups generally, such as Sober Nation.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month:

Mental Health Awareness Month

For the Partners of those in recovery:

For survivors of incest/trauma

Apps for quitting porn

Support forums for problematic sexual behaviors

Porn Filtering, Accountability

Other resources:


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