Advanced Training for Problematic Sexual Behaviors (ATPSB) – Certificate Program

Advanced Training for Problematic Sexual Behaviors (ATPSB)

ATPSB – Certificate Program

ATPSB Mission Statement: The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health is pleased to offer the following premier training curriculum to professionals in the mental health and medical fields. The Advanced Training in Problematic Sexual Behaviors (ATPSB) program is dedicated to addressing and treating harmful sexual behavior.

The ATPSB program accomplishes this mission by establishing standards of knowledge for entry‐level practitioners, creating standards of care inclusive of various descriptions of problematic sexual behaviors (PSB), and by providing course content addressing current trends in the assessment and treatment of PSB. Finally, the ATPSB program, in conjunction with SASH, provides national leadership in addressing the varied needs of those suffering from problematic sexual behavior and the professionals treating them.

SASH ATPSB Problematic Sexual Behavior

Thank you for considering a program which will provide the necessary knowledge to help you, the professional, identify, assess, and treat problematic sexual behaviors (PSB). The Advanced Training in Problematic Sexual Behaviors, (ATPSB) is intended to develop a broad base of knowledge in identifying, assessing, and treating this area. The curriculum is based upon four core competencies and six program objectives:

1. Understanding Addiction
2. Treatment Knowledge
3. Professional Readiness
4. Application to Practice

(Adapted from Addiction Counseling Competencies the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes of Professional Practice Technical Assistance Publication (TAP) Series 21, DHHS Publication No. (SMA) 06-­‐4171 Published 2006.)

1. Identify relevant client issues, problems, and concerns as they relate to assessment, diagnosis and treatment of problematic sexual behavior (PSB).
2. Describe theoretically sound and evidence-based treatment approaches for PSB.
3. Recognize legal, ethical and professional standards as they relate to PSB.
4. Distinguish between formal and informal assessment strategies as they relate to PSB.
5. Summarize current trends and research in the field of PSB.
6. Discuss the importance of sensitivity and awareness of diversity in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of PSB.

Participants will learn from established experts in the field. Topics will include assessment, treatment models, ethical considerations, responding to relapse, diversity, disclosure, working with couples and more.

ATPSB is offered in two levels each taking about 16 hours for a total of 32 hours.

The cost of each level is $950, plus a one-time $50 application fee.
The total cost of the program is $1950 (two levels).

Those participants who are looking to increase their knowledge in the field, but are not licensed counselors, will be awarded a Certificate of Completion upon the completion of each level.  Participants will only be considered to have completed the ATPSB when they complete both levels.

Level One ATPSB Homestudy (16 hours)

1. Overview of PSB-­‐ David Delmonico, PhD
2. Assessment Strategies in PSB -­‐ Cara Tripodi, LCSW; William Swiggart, LCSW
3. Theoretical Conceptualizations and Treatment Approaches for PSB -­‐ Cara Tripodi, LCSW
4. Legal, Professional and Ethical Considerations in PSB -­‐ Robin Cato, JD; Betsy Williams, PhD, MPH
5. Sexual Pharmacology with Problematic Sexual Behavior -­‐ Susan Campling, RN, Psy.D
6. Cybersex-­‐ David Delmonico, PhD; Elizabeth Griffin, MA
7. Responding to Relapse-­‐ Doug Sorensen, LCSW
8. Sensitivity and Awareness of Diversity in PSB-­‐ Jes Montgomery, MD

*Please Note the online training is NOT eligible, at this time, for Continuing Education Credits.

Level Two – In Person (16 hours)

Level Two is conducted during the 2 days prior to SASH conference. It utilizes case studies from the materials covered in Level One. The training engages participants in discussion and experiential exercises focused on developing skills to treat some of the most common issues (e.g. pornography, partners, females with PSB, gay couples, and young adults) faced by therapists treating problematic sexual behavior.

S-PSB Certificate

REQUIREMENTS: For the Specialist in Problematic Sexual Behaviors certificate (S-PSB), you must meet the following criteria:
• Complete both Level One and Level Two training
• Successfully Pass the Final Exam
• Show proof of Master Degree or Higher in the Clinical Field
• Show proof of License in your state/country to practice in your field


Please email a proof of advanced degree and license copy to or provide a copy at the time of the training.

S-PSB is not a certification

Both levels of ATPSB should be completed in 18 months.