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Member Article (Blog) Publication Guidelines

Member Contributions to the SASH Articles (blog)

Submissions must adhere to the following guidelines and our publication requirements

  1. Active Paying Members may submit any number of articles but SASH will endeavor to feature as many different bloggers as possible.
  2. Content should be high quality, compelling, and directed to a clinical or consumer audience.
  3. Content must be:
    • Entirely the work of the member (and any co-authors) submitting the article. Pieces of any submission may have been featured elsewhere, but something fresh should be added, not and cut and paste. It should reflect a new title.
    • It should include excerpts or quotations attributed via a formal reference in APA format; include a reference section if appropriate
    • Supported by scholarly journals (if applicable)
    • At least 600 but no more than 1,200 words
    • Microsoft Word format (no PDFs), single-spaced, free of spelling and grammatical errors; graphs, charts, or other artwork must be in .jpg format and free of copyrights, trademarks, or other restrictions to use
  4. On request, submissions will be accepted using a pseudonym. Given names must be provided to the Executive Director and will be held in confidence.

Article (blog) Submission Guidelines

  • By submitting any content or written work (hereafter “Work”), including comments, articles, and other written Work to SASH, You, the User, hereby grant to SASH the exclusive rights to the Work under the terms herein.
  • You grant to SASH the irrevocable, transferrable, and exclusive worldwide right in and to the Work to copy, print, publish, broadcast, distribute, display, revise, edit, manipulate, create derivative works of, and use, in any media now known or hereafter developed, including, but not limited to, digital media available through the World Wide Web and newsletters, without limitation and without any compensation. You agree that SASH may republish and display the Work in conjunction with the works of others, including written works and photographic works, to be chosen at the sole discretion of SASH. SASH agrees to keep the tone, tenor and intent of your Work consistent with the original body and to credit you for your Work at all times.
    • Legalize in plain language: you are allowing SASH to publish your work in any of our forums (eg blogs, social media).  You are agreeing that you will NOT have your manuscript that is posted on SASH published on another website or forum etc without giving credit to SASH being the original post. You are agreeing that SASH may edit your work, keeping it consistent with your intent.  SASH will not use your work ever without giving credit nor in a manner that is inconsistent with the original manuscript.  SASH will never claim the work as their own.
  • To the extent any applicable law or treaty prohibits the transfer or assignment of any moral rights or rights of restraint you have in the Work, you hereby waive those rights as to SASH, its successors, licensees or assigns. You hereby waive any rights of attribution in and to the Work.
  • You acknowledge that SASH has the right and ability to edit the Work, change any formatting, modify titles, and make any change which it deems necessary in its sole discretion. SASH will endeavor to enlist your aid in edits and grant you right of refusal of any edits SASH deems necessary.  Authors who do not respond to editing efforts grant SASH full discretion over editing their work, including the right for SASH not to publish their work.
  • Prior to submitting the Work, you shall identify any and all previously copyrighted material used or cited in the Work. You represent and warrant that you have obtained the written permission of all other copyright owners and have the right and ability to transfer such rights to SASH. SASH will not be held liable for copyright violations on your behalf.
  • All blog posts must accurately reflect any compensation received related to or as a result of the post. Blogs that review a book or “product” (including treatment facilities) will state any interest of the author so that the reader is able to easily discern that the author has said interest or receives remuneration. Authors will be held responsible for ensuring that portions of their blog that are advertising in nature will be distinguishable by the reader from other content.

You warrant and represent that you (and any co-authors) are the sole author(s) of the Work, that you have the full right, power, and authority to grant the rights herein, and that the rights have not heretofore been assigned or otherwise encumbered and are in all respects free and clear; that the Work is your original creation and has not been published before in whole or in part by another author unless duly referenced, is NOT in the public domain, and does NOT infringe the copyright or any other proprietary right of any other party; and that the Work contains no material that is defamatory, libelous, obscene, violates any right of privacy, or is otherwise contrary to law.  You understand and affirm that material submitted to SASH for these purposes has not been, nor will be, published elsewhere unless it is cited appropriately.

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