Certification FAQ’s

1Can I use one training for various parts of the credential education requirements?
Yes, You can split the time between different requirements (e.g. 30 min towards anatomy and physiology, 30 min towards sexual health concerns etc.). However, you cannot use the same training twice.
2How does SASH determine who gets certified? What is the process and the general timeframe?
Each application is reviewed by the credentialing committee. All applications with complete documentation will be reviewed within 30 days of receipt. Applications that lack all the necessary paperwork to process the application will experience delays. When additional requirements are requested by the committee, the applicant should seek to fulfill those requests in a timely manner. Items left unfulfilled may require the applicant to resubmit. Open applications that are incomplete will be kept open for a period of six (6) months. After that timeframe the applicant may be required to resubmit.
3I'm certified by another organization how many of my hours will count toward the SASH certification?
It depends, training that meets the credential training requirements (see approved educational providers tab under the specific certification page on the website) may be eligible. Due to the diverse nature of each credential not all hours may be credited toward credential requirements. The committee will review all submitted education and training and if necessary will request additional information to complete the application process.
4If I took a training but don't remember which organization approved it can I still submit it for my education requirements? How do I do this?
Any training can be submitted and is subject to review by the credentialing committee. If there are specific questions related to training credits please contact SASH by writing the Credential Committee at [email protected] Put credential committee in the subject line..
5Do I have to attend the SASH conference to get my certification hours?
The SASH annual conference is an excellent place to obtain hours and some sessions have a designation that identifies which education requirements are met by attending. SASH is only one place where hours can be obtained. There are other organizations that offer training meeting the education requirements. If you aren't sure, contact SASH for clarification.
6How is SAVOR (Sexual Attitudes and Values Overview and Reevaluation) offered by SASH different that a SAR?
The SAVOR (Sexual Attitudes and Values Overview and Reevaluation) helps participants evaluate their personal values and beliefs and the impact those have on their personal and professional life. The SAVOR (Sexual Attitudes and Values Overview and Reevaluation) is one version of what is best known as a SAR.
7How will I know when my application is complete and the processing has begun?
You will be notified by the SASH Credential Committee once all documentation has been received and processing has begun.
8I need a supervisor for my application for certification. Where do I find one?
You may contact the SASH Credentialing Committee for suggestions. In the near future there will be an online directory of approved supervisors.
9I have been in the field for over ten years and I don't have all my CE training certificates any longer. How can I apply?
You can submit a letter to the Credential Committee requesting that your hours apply to the desired certification. The letter will detail how you meet the different education and training requirements as well as professional practice in the field.
10What is PSB?
Problematic Sexual Behavior is an a-theoretical term that describes behaviors which conflict with values, commitments, creates consequences, control is impaired, or violates rules of sexual responsibility.
11What is Sexual Wellness?
Sexual Wellness is the ability of an individual to thrive in their own sexuality. This invokes knowledge of their own sexuality as well as the absence of dysfunction and the pursuit of pleasure.
12What is Trauma?
Trauma is any life event that shatters fundamental assumptions of how the world works and one's relationship to the world.
13What if I want to apply for more than one certification? Is there a discount on the second one?
Applicants that are interested in more than one certification and have the qualifications to apply for two or more at the same time will receive ⅓ off the second and sequential applications. The discount only applies to those applicants applying to more than one certification at the same time.