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SASH Annual Conference October, 2024

SASH returns to Kennesaw State University for another educational experience.  Join SASH Oct 24-26, 2024. 

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SASH Annual Conference October, 2022

Our first time at an academic institution, this year's conference allowed us to highlight the next generation of professionals in the field of sexual health.

Once again, SASH hosted the President's Panel with guests from peer sexual health organizations which gave registrants the opportunity to learn more about our colleagues.



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SASH Annual Conference October, 2021

The conference boasted beautiful views of Lake Washington and provides easy access to local dining and shopping. 

Atendees enjoyed close proximity access to Sea-Tac International Airport, downtown Seattle and Bellevue, Mount Rainier National Park, Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park, and more.

SASH Annual Conference October, 2020

An Exciting Virtual Experience.

The SASH annual conference offered sessions in a wide range of topics to meet the needs of attending professionals with diverse experience and knowledge. Professionals from a multitude of disciplines found value in the depth of learning that is offered at SASH conferences.
ATPSB SASH webinar and professional continuing education series.


Bill Taverner presents at the SASH annual conference


SASH Annual Conference October, 2019

This conference contained training for Advanced Topics in Problematic Sexual Behaviors (ATPSB) Level 2 is an intense, in-person experience for professionals both new and skilled in working with Problematic Sexual Behavior (PSB) taught by experts in their fields.

With presentations from therapists, social workers, recovery coaches, educators at all levels, counselors, and professionals working in public health, mental health, and health care.

SASH Annual Conference October, 2018

Opening keynote speaker Aline Zoldbrod, Ph.D, kicked off the conference with an intriguing presentation on Healthy Sexuality vs. Developmental Sexual Trauma.

The conference did not disappoint anyone in attendance. Speakers were well prepared and delivered well informed presentations on a range of topics about sexual health and wellness.
Conference Atendees Talking




SASH Annual Conference October, 2017

This year SASH is partnered with APSATS, and IITAP/CHS to increase our pre-conference offerings. Clinicians had separate pre-conference workshops to choose from to round out the SASH conference experience.

The 2017 conference offered a wide range of keynotes, breakout sessions, a community day and a panel discussion to accompany the screening of “Addicted to Porn: Chasing the Cardboard Butterfly”.

SASH Annual Conference October, 2016

Over 40 presentations focused on the theme “Integrating Heart, Mind and Body in Pursuit of Sexual Health”.

Many presentations discussed this topic in the sense of the professional world as well as how it applies to struggling individuals.
Conferences Atendees Talking


Mary Deitch visits with Marcus Earle and his wife at the SASH annual conference


SASH Annual Conference October 2015

The 2015 SASH annual conference covered topics on healthy sexual relationships as well as how to help individuals with problematic sexual behaviors.

Presentations were made on topics such as helping couples heal, healing unwanted sexual fantasies, and sexual nature, harm, and healing.

The #ITalkSexualHealth Annual Conference Is Made Possible by the Support of SASH Members

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