14 Day Intensives

14 Day Intensives

Begin Again Institute

Begin Again Institute | Integrative Life Center

The Integrative Life Network houses three intimacy disorders programs for men struggling with sexual addiction, attachment disorders and intimacy disorders including: Begin Again Institute – a 14-day intensive for men 25 and older; Boulder Recovery, a faith based 14-day intensive for men 25 and older; and Integrative Life Center’s Intimacy Disorders program – a 30-day residential program for men 25 and older who are also exhibiting co-occurring behaviors. All three programs use Dr. Michael Barta’s TINSA® model (Trauma Induced Sexual Addiction) and include a Partner Support Program for betrayed partners of sex addicts that run simultaneously alongside the men’s treatment at no additional cost.
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Michael Barta

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Founder & CEO
Dr. Michael Barta is the Founder and CEO of Begin Again Institute, a neurobiological and trauma based 14-day residential men’s sex and pornography treatment center located in Boulder, Colorado. He was trained in sexual addiction by Dr. Patrick Carnes and has over 34 years of addiction recovery experience and 12 years specializing in the treatment of sex and porn addictions and the betrayed partners. His published book, TINSA™ (Trauma-Induced Sexual Addiction) provides a neurological approach to for the treatment of sex and pornography addictions. Dr. Barta has utilized his clinical skill and personal recovery to create a neurobiological model that works on the cause or core of the sexual addiction and is now expanding this Model to treat all addictions. He is a nationally a recognized speaker in the field of sex addiction and frequently provides lectures and trainings for therapists regarding the treatment of sex and pornography addictions and compulsivity.

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Chief Operations Officer
Edward Tilton is a proven behavioral healthcare leader with an established track record in the recovery industry space. As an accomplished healthcare leader, Ed has diverse management experience including clinical and business operations, expansion of program development and clinical service offerings.

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Clinical Resource Advisor
Sherry Young, PhD, CSAT has worked in the Behavioral Health field as clinical liaison providing triage, assessment, and admissions referral and advocacy for clients of licensed therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists who treat mental health and addictive disorders treatment resources. From 1997 to present, she has provided ongoing consultation for practice growth to therapists and counseling practices. She has worked for various companies in the Behavioral Health and Addictions field since 2006 and currently offers service as an independent consultant for a handful of companies who serve the mental health and addiction needs of her referents’ clients. Dr. Young taught psychology and literature at the college level from 1986-1994 and directed university study programs in Rome, Italy from 1994-1997. She is a visionary who is a highly skilled educator, strategist in business development, advocate for recovery and personal growth and she inspires excellence and collaboration in all her relationships.

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Director of Admissions
Greg Kfoury brings a broad range of experience in business development, operations, alumni services and admissions to the team at Integrative Life Network. His business acumen combined with a passion for behavioral health and intimate knowledge of ILN’s programs keep the admissions and outreach departments running on all cylinders, ready to serve incoming clients and industry referents. A native of Northern Virginia, Greg is a graduate of the University of Richmond and is a former high school Latin teacher. He gained business experience working in commercial real estate and project management and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in psychology from the Harvard University Extension School.