Specialized, single-gender inpatient treatment for addiction, trauma, and relationship concerns.

Specialized, single-gender inpatient treatment for addiction, trauma, and relationship concerns.

The Meadows, sex addiction treatment

Gentle Path and Willow House at The Meadows

The Nation’s Premier Sexual Addiction Treatment Program

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Gentle Path at The Meadows offers confidential inpatient treatment for men ages 18 and older who battle sexual addiction, relationship addiction or sexual anorexia. Dr. Carnes’ methodology is integrated with The Meadows Model and signature Survivors Week to concurrently address sexual addiction and trauma. We understand the very personal struggles men with these issues face and provide a place of understanding, healing, and hope. Our patients benefit from a psychiatric hospital level of safety in a residential care environment.
Gentle Path at The Meadows’ sister program, Willow House at The Meadows, provides the highest level of care for women’s intimacy issues. Willow House at The Meadows is an exclusive 45-day inpatient program specifically designed to support women struggling with relationship and intimacy concerns. We help women uncover core emotional trauma and address the resulting behaviors of unresolved trauma, whether manifested through love addiction, sex addiction, or unhealthy relationship patterns. Our individualized treatment also addresses co-occurring conditions such as substance use disorder, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, or other behavioral problems. 877.472.6760 | www.willowhouseforwomen.com
Gentle Path and Willow House are specialty programs of Meadows Behavioral Healthcare, a continuum of highly individualized treatment services encompassing emotional trauma, addiction, eating disorders, and related mental-health conditions. Our core treatment approach focuses on nervous system regulation and related emotional trauma, making our programs uniquely able to help the most critically complex patient. Our patients benefit from integrated trauma services and the leadership expertise of our team of Senior Fellows who are world-renowned experts and guide our treatment approach and on-going training of our caring team of professionals. 888.244.4949 | www.themeadows.com