Sexual Health Awareness, Because Everyone Deserves to be Informed

Please join the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH), for free educational sessions throughout the year. These presentations address critically important topics for parents, educators, and treatment professionals. These sessions are open to the public.

Sexual Health Awareness: Accessible Learning for the Public

As human beings, we are biologically wired for connection. For individuals in recovery from trauma and compulsive sexual behavior, deeper contact with others holds even more significance to promote healing and sustainable sobriety. In this webinar, attendees will explore a fresh, new perspective on emotional sobriety skills to reinforce long-term sexual sobriety. Developing secure attachments is not the goal; breaking down barriers that get in the way of secure attachments is the key. Compulsive sexual behavior thrives on isolation, shame and secrecy, and to diminish the stigma, this presentation looks at longstanding recovery through the lens of Nervous System Regulation, Positive Psychology and Attachment Theory. Sexual compulsivity stems from broken heartedness, and establishing emotionally-reliable relationships mends broken hearts while developing purpose and meaning.

Andrew SusskindAndrew Susskind is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Brainspotting and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and a Certified Group Psychotherapist. In 1988 he completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst before transitioning to the West Coast. After completing a Master of Social Welfare degree from UCLA in 1991, Andrew has worked with individuals, couples, families and groups in his practice. Speaking, writing, and training are dimensions of Andrew’s ongoing desire to learn and grow. He has given numerous presentations and workshops both nationally and locally in Southern California, and he was adjunct faculty in the UCLA School of Medicine Doctoring Program. Andrew has mentored associates in his private practice since 1997 and serves as faculty for the Principles of Group Psychotherapy course, a prerequisite to becoming a Certified Group Psychotherapist. His recent book It’s Not About the Sex: Moving from Isolation to Intimacy after Sexual Addiction (Central Recovery Press, June 2019) joins his workbook, From Now On: Seven Keys to Purposeful Recovery which was released in 2014.

How many pictures are on your phone right now? How many emails in your inbox? How many tabs on your browser? The nature of the technological immersion encouraged by modern life means that many of us are beginning to mimic some of the features we might use to describe a hoarder if we were describing boxes of clothes instead of stored selfies. But when does digital collection become hoarding? It doesn’t stand out in the same way that a house piled with newspapers to the ceiling does. It is easier for the obsessive pursuit and collection of images to go unnoticed when thousands can fit on a thumb drive. Even more specifically, when working with those who struggle with compulsive sexual behavior, this phenomenon may go unexamined, hidden as an artifact of a compulsion towards the content of the images and videos versus the collection of those items themselves. They may even struggle with hoarding behavior unrelated to their sexual desires but driven by the same anxieties, cognitive challenges and traumas that they soothe with their sexuality. This talk is intended to walk clinicians through the basics of the hoarding brain, to see how these clinical manifestations may overlap and merge, and how to support clients when hoarding does emerge as part of the treatment picture.

SASH Credential Credits

This course meets the following SASH credential education requirements:

Objective #1 and #2- General Human Sexuality 2a -The influence of health and medical factors on sexuality (e.g., illness and infection, disability, mental health, medications, contraception and safer sex practices, fertility struggles, pregnancy and childbirth, pregnancy termination, sexually transmitted infection, physical injuries) 60 minutes

Objective #3- General Human Sexuality 3e – The interaction of technology and sexuality 30 minutes


CPSBT 1b – Assessment and Diagnosis related to problematic sexual behavior 30 minutes.

Objective #4 -CPSBT 1c – Clinical intervention for problematic sexual behavior 30 minutes


Dr. Erica Sarr is passionate about helping all clients define and embrace healthy, values-congruent sexuality across the lifespan. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and currently serves as the executive director for Gentle Path and Willow House at The Meadows. Dr. Sarr has helped people with sexual behavior and intimacy issues including juvenile and adult sexual offenders, compulsive sexual behavior, complex paraphilia, healthy sexuality exploration, and others needing sexuality affirming treatment. Dr. Sarr specializes in the intersection of sexuality, mental health, and technology, particularly in the area of video games.

As sexual health specialists, we help clients navigate a lifetime of ongoing sexual awareness and evolution. We witness their transitions through predictable stages of sexual development, accompanied by LESS predictable stages of emotional, social and relational experiences. In this refreshingly narrative and inspiring workshop, divorce specialist Gaelyn Rae Emerson applies her work with more than one hundred divorced and permanently separated women— each following the end of an intimate relationship predicated by sexual infidelity, deception or rejection— to a presentation that features the high, low and “oh, hell no!” moments of her clients’ reentry into single sexuality. With passion and humor, Gaelyn presents an eclectic spectrum of socially diverse case studies, each chosen to broaden our professional understanding of women’s most private sexual segues. Arrive to this workshop prepared to say “I didn’t see THAT coming,” and then leave with newfound appreciation and respect for this unique (and often underestimated) demographic.
Gaelyn Emerson, coach and speaker

Gaelyn Emerson is a certified professional life, relationship and divorce recovery coach, dedicating her career to helping others triumph over trauma—whether or not their relationships do. Gaelyn is credentialed by Impact Coaching Academy, the International Coach Federation and the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists. Through programs provided by entities like The Gottman Institute, High Conflict Institute and SASH,
Gaelyn employs advanced training in problematic sexual behavior, abandonment, abuse, affairs, disclosures, divorce, grief, high-conflict dynamics, parenting, separation, trauma and more. Gaelyn coaches clients around the world from her laptop, via her online private practice, Women Ever After, LLC.

This session is open to the public. There are NO CE credits being offered for this session.

Ouch! Forgiveness??
No-one ever told you that love could hurt?! Or maybe they did, but you didn’t think it would be THIS bad!! Almost all adult relationships require a level of grace and forgiveness; but betrayal recovery demands something uniquely difficult when it comes to “the F word”, whether the relationship survives or not.
In this 90 minute presentation, we will tackle the ever challenging topic of forgiveness for those seeking healing after sexual betrayal. We will take a look at the research available on the topic and relate it to the betrayal recovery experience, exploring some of the challenges and offering new ways to think and talk about this topic with your clients.
Developed with the primary focus on addressing forgiveness in response to sexual betrayal, Cat’s presentation, and the research materials, will also be helpful for those working with survivors of sexual trauma in various forms (abuse, assault, violation, etc).
Catherine Etherington

Catherine Etherington is a certified professional life coach, working with individuals impacted by problematic sexual behaviour; their own or that of a loved one. Certified by Impact Coaching Academy, the International Coach Federation and the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists, Cat has developed her practise with additional trainings through well known entities including The Gottman Institute and SASH that equip her for working with PSB, trauma, betrayal, abuse, separation and more…..
As Head of Recovery for Naked Truth Project, Cat has pioneered a unique-for-Europe recovery and healing programme, for individuals seeking recovery and their betrayed spouses.

This session is open to the public. There are NO CE credits being offered for this session.

In this presentation, attendees are introduced to Attachment Wounds and associated negative core messages, written into the nervous system, which then become the filter for how life is viewed. We explore how shame promotes numbing behaviors, including compulsive sexually addictive behaviors. We also explore how “wound care” can help heal the wounds and thus change the paradigm in which we view the world.

Troy Love;Troy LoveTwo-time Amazon Best-Selling Author, Troy L. Love, LCSW, has over 20 years of experience in the mental health field. He specializes in working with trauma, broken relationships, and recovery from compulsive or addictive behaviors.Troy serves as the President and Clinical Director of Yuma Counseling Services and the founder of Finding Peace Consulting.  He has over 20 years of experience in the mental health field. Troy received his Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh, PA in 2000 and much of his training has focused on addiction recovery. Troy has a Certification in Human Resource Studies from Cornell University. He recently completed certification as a Sexual Addiction Treatment Professional from Mid-Nazarene University. He is also Certified asa Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner.Troy specializes in working with individual’s trauma-related concerns, couples struggling in their relationships, and individuals who numb their pain through compulsive or addictive behaviors. Troy also helps couples and individuals who are experiencing sexual issues that reduce the ability for physical intimacy.  Troy has training in EMDR, a research-based treatment for trauma survivors, Brainspotting, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and addiction recovery.

Free sessions are appropriate for the general public or a professional audience, but do not offer CE’s.

Betrayal is an unraveling of life as we once knew it. Everything becomes undone. After a decent into a bizarre world where absurdity reigns and the way out is a time-consuming journey through a twisted reality, we explore what it takes to make our way out of the betrayal that binds us. This interactive presentation explores the surrealistic experience of betrayal, its traumatizing components and what can be done to prepare yourself in holding onto reality within bizarre absurdity. Included will be experiential activities to engage your whole brain in finding your way out and building the skills required to stay out of the rabbit hole of betrayal. Be prepared with creative writing tools, scissors, glue stick or double faced tape, and a small square of kids clay, Fimo, or Sculpey.

Dr. Diane Hovey works as a therapeutic guide aiding individual and couples in overcoming life altering challenges such as ongoing health conditions, sex and pornography addiction, and other compulsions that result in grief, loss, shame, anxiety, depression, trauma, intimacy disorders and relationship problems. Whatever the given issue, she helps her clients find practical and down to earth ways to address their specific life challenge and get their lives back on track. Combing the arts with therapy, Dr. Hovey founded and directed a non-profit organization, the Family Institute for Creative Well-Being. Currently she is the president of Alliance for Healing PA where she continues to work with those who live with life altering challenges, assisting them on their transformational journeys.


This session is for the public. There are NO CE credits being offered for this session.

This presentation will examine the increasing phenomenon of sextortion, the act of extorting money, power or privilege through blackmailing someone sexually. This is becoming increasingly more common among hypersexual individuals who find themselves entrapped in a sexually compulsive cycle. Often hypersexual individuals take excessive risks and are naïve regarding those whom they interact with online. This presentation will examine the paths that generally entrap hypersexual people and will on how to address these issues with treatment.  Trauma associated with the sextortion process will be looked at and how to go about helping to cope with these factors.  We will also examine ethical guidelines surrounding encouraging reporting. Case studies of sextortion crimes will be examined.

Matthew Hedelius, PsyD

Dr. Matthew Hedelius has been providing treatment for individuals who suffer from trauma and sexual compulsivity for over 20 years and has completed over 40,000 therapy sessions in that time frame. He has experience in outpatient, residential and inpatient treatment settings. He provides bio and neurofeedback as a means of helping patients resolve their addictions and trauma issues. In addition, he has been trained in and provides EMDR to help patients resolve their traumatic histories. He enjoys running half marathons and marathons and loves working with people. He also provides supervision for therapists who are training to be sex addiction therapists.

This session is open to the public. There are NO CE credits being offered for this session.

SASH believes each content area important to allow for divergent views and broad encompassing training, however, the views expressed by the individual trainers/presenters are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of SASH, its Board or its members.