Advanced Topics in Problematic Sexual Behaviors(ATPSB) Training

Increase Your Knowledge with Advanced Topics in Problematic Sexual Behaviors (ATPSB)

Learn from established experts in the field of Sexual Health and Problematic Sexual Behavior.

Level 1 ATPSB Home Study (14 hours)

  • Problematic Sexual Behavior and Sexual Health
  • Theoretical Model and Treatment Approaches for Problematic Sexual Behavior
  • Global Assessment Strategies
  • Relationships and Partners
  • Sexual Minorities & Alternative Sexual Practices (Diversity)
  • Online/Digital/Technology
  • Legal, Professional and Ethical Considerations in Problematic Sexual Behavior
  • Referral Resources
Level 1 registration
Level 1 – $149 >>Choose the ATPSB Bundle

Advanced Topics in Problematic Sexual Behavior (ATPSB)

June 21-22, 2024 Atlanta GA

ATPSB is the premier training curriculum for mental health clinicians working with individuals that may be experiencing sexual health and problematic sexual behavior issues. Professionals attending ATPSB will establish a foundational knowledge base of resources they can use to assess and treat clients effectively. Hear from proven specialists from the Meadows, the Menninger Clinic, Paradise Creek Recovery Center and Capstone Counseling and Coaching.

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